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Recipe: Pickled Cucumber

Love a good pickle, me. This one is my all time fave - cucumber with caraway seeds and dill. It’s an absolute piece of cake to make and is super tasty. Visiting Denmark a couple of years ago taught me that hotdogs (i.e. good bratwurst) with pickled cucumber, crispy onions and Dijon mustard is the one.



- 1/2 cucumber

- 1/4 pack dill

- 1 tbsp caraway seeds

- 1 tbsp salt

- 1 tbsp sugar

- 200ml white wine vinegar

- 200ml water


- Add water, white wine vinegar, salt, sugar and caraway seeds to a pan and slowly heat to dissolve the salt and sugar. Once dissolved, remove from heat and allow to cool a little.

- Cut cucumber into thin discs (they should be floppy discs, not firm!). Alternatively you could use a peeler and cut it into ribbons.

- Place cucumber into a sterilised jar with the dill and pour over the liquid.

- Place in the fridge for a few hours, then enjoy!

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