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Private Dining

What is your availability?
It is difficult to publish my availability online because it can change very quickly, so anything that I publish might be outdated the following day. If you have a date in mind, drop me a message and I'll let you know if it is available. If you have a month/time period in mind, let me know and I will send you my current availability for that date range.

How do I book?

First of all, send me an email at or a DM on social media. Once we have a date agreed, I'll send you a booking form to complete and return. Your date is secured upon receipt of a deposit of £10 per person.

How much does it all cost?

I don’t like it when you have to request quotes from companies only to find out that your price expectations don’t match and you’ve wasted your time, so I publish all my prices in my website for all to see. They start at £55pp and can be found at There are no hidden extras. The only possible additional cost is travel for those over an hour away (more info below).

Can you cater for dietary requirements?

Yes, most dietary requirements can be catered for. All food is prepared fresh which means I can be selective about what ingredients I use. Most of my dishes can be tweaked to accommodate dietaries. If anyone on your party has a specific requirement, it is best to discuss this prior to booking so I can make you aware of any dishes that might not be suitable.


What equipment of mine will you need to use?

I tend to bring all of my own equipment for my own peace of mind, so that I know I have everything I need. The only pieces of equipment I will need to use is your oven, hob, sink and kettle. Sometimes I might need a little freezer space but I will let you know if that is the case. I rarely need fridge space as I bring my ingredients in a cool box (the temperature of this is monitored to ensure that it remains safe).

Will you need to use my crockery & cutlery?

I bring all of my own plates and bowls as the plates are often a key part of the presentation of the dishes that I serve. I do not bring cutlery, but please rest assured that you are not expected to have enough cutlery for a 7 course tasting menu – we can wash knives and forks in between courses.

Do all guests eat the same food?

In short – yes. All guests must eat the same dishes from the same menu. Imagine making different starters, mains and desserts for every guest – that would be possible in a restaurant but in a home kitchen with limited cooking capacity it just wouldn’t work. Part of the experience is that everyone gets to try the same food (no risk of food envy!). Most of my dishes can be tweaked to accommodate dietary requirements, so (for example) if you choose a meat-based starter, there will be a vegetarian version of the same dish. That way, any vegetarians in your party can still enjoy the concept of the dish, albeit with a slightly different approach to the ingredients.

Can I alter your dishes to suite my taste?

I will always try to accommodate people’s personal tastes where possible. However, each dish has been developed with a balance of flavour and texture in mind and swapping out ingredients might disrupt that balance and cause the dish to feel ‘confused’. I also must consider the practicalities of transporting and cooking my dishes in a kitchen where I have not had a chance to get accustomed to your oven/hobs. I would encourage you to trust the process and try my dishes as they are, but we can discuss this during the booking process.

Do I need a huge kitchen to book you?

Not at all. I am used to cooking in kitchens of all different shapes and sizes. Sure, it helps if the kitchen is state of the art and there is endless counter space, but I can manage in kitchens of any size, as long as there are basic cooking facilities available.


Do you have a minimum & maximum number of guests that you cater for?

The minimum number of guests is as follows:

o Gastro Menu: 6 people

o Masterchef Menu: 4 people (Mon-Thu), 6 people (Fri-Sun)

o Tasting Menu: 4 people (Mon-Thu), 6 people (Fri-Sun)

The maximum number of guests is however many you can comfortably fit around your dining room table.


What time will you arrive?

Usually between 30 minutes to 1 hour before your chosen dining time. This depends on how much on site prep is needed. I will inform you of my ETA prior to your booking.

Do you offer private dining in my area?

I cover the whole of Great Britain. I do not charge a fee for any travel less than 1 hour’s drive from DL15. For any travel over 1 hour, there is a small mileage fee. For any travel over a 4 hour round trip, there will be a fee for nearby accommodation. Please rest assured that I will find the cheapest clean accommodation nearby.

When do I need to pay?

To secure your booking, I ask for a deposit of £10pp. This is deducted from your total bill. The remaining balance can be paid on the evening of your booking. You are welcome to pay earlier if it is convenient. I kindly ask that payment is made before I leave (unless agreed otherwise in advance). This way I don’t have to chase people for money, which I feel takes the shine of your experience. Invoices and/or receipts can be provided if necessary.

Do you cater for children?

Personally I would suggest that my cooking style might not be suitable for a younger pallete. But you will know your child’s tastes and be able to make a decision.

We have pets, is this okay?

I love animals and will always say hello to your pets! While I’m cooking it would be helpful if pets could remain out of the kitchen for their own safety and mine – I might trip over them, or drop an ingredient (e.g. chocolate) that is toxic to animals. Once I have cleaned up, you’re free to let them loose.

When do I let you know my menu choices?

I will send you an email roughly 2 weeks before your booking date to ask you to take a look at my menus and let me know your choices within the next 2-3 days. The reason I do it this way is because my menu’s change based on seasonal ingredients, so if you book 6 months in advance, it is not guaranteed that the dishes will be the same 6 months later. Some dishes stay on my menu all year round. It also helps me keep an eye on availability of ingredients. If I am struggling to get hold of an ingredient, I can temporarily remove the dish from my menu. If you have decided your dish well in advance, I am committed to finding that ingredient and may have to ask you to change your choices, which might disappoint you.

Can I add/remove guests once I have secured the booking?

Yes, you are welcome to amend numbers. Just let me know so I can update your info. I usually ask that numbers are finalised at the point of deciding on your menu choices (approximately 2 weeks before your booking).

What happens if I need to cancel?

If you have to cancel your event with less than 14 days’ notice, the deposit is non-refundable however I am happy to rearrange at no extra cost (based on all other aspects of the event remaining the same). If cancelled/rearranged with less than 48 hours’ notice, the deposit cannot be refunded or moved to another date to cover the cost of ingredients and prep time.

More info is available in my private dining booking guide.



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